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Michael M. Burgess

“Growing up in Newton, Iowa, a classic example of small town America, and under the influence of my strong willed Irish mother, I decided early on that living the rest of my life in Newton was not for me. Enlisting in the Air Force in 1956 to see the world and open new venues was my ticket to exciting and as yet unknown opportunities. By the time I was discharged from the service four years later, I had earned two and a half years of college credit from Florida State University. In the next four years I completed my BS and MS degrees and earned a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology degree from that same university.

At the age of 27 I joined the faculty in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Kansas and began what was a ten year career in academia. I spent the next twenty five years in private practice followed by fourteen years as a consultant to the corporate world helping the leadership of several companies to develop positive corporate cultures.

As my professional life wound down, my thoughts turned to finding a fulfilling activity for the next phase of my life. I have always had an interest in architecture as well as fine art and antiques, which I collected over the years during my travels. I have had the satisfaction of renovating many beautiful homes in the Kansas City area and filling them with my fine art collections. I wanted to continue pursuing these interests and find a way to share what I had with others who would enjoy the pieces I had collected.

The opportunity I sought came when, out of the blue, a local Plein Air artist, from whom I had purchased paintings, reminded me that I had once voiced an interest in opening an art gallery. Since just such an opportunity had arisen, would I be open to a joint venture to pursue it in earnest? As often happens in life, chance and opportunity collide in perfect harmony and I am now a partner with this gifted artist in a gallery in South Pasadena, California.

I am pleased to share the fruits of my love of fine art with, “The Burgess Collection,” an eclectic mix from different centuries, styles and genres which is the result of over forty years of collecting. My hope is that you will enjoy browsing through the photos here and find something to enjoy in your own home or office. Please contact me directly for further information about me or to purchase my art.”

Michael M. Burgess, Ph.D
Collector of Fine Works of Art