Edward Armfield

1817 – 1896

Hunting for Mice

Edward Armfield (1817-1896) was a well-respected 19th century English artist known for his charming paintings of sporting dogs, especially terriers which were his favorite subject. Purported to be a cousin of the other famous 19th century animal painter, George Armfield, their paintings were so similar that it was said both artist painted as if they were in each other’s pockets, portraying exactly the same subjects in an almost indiscernible and equal style. More important, both were regarded highly enough to be Royal academicians. Edward Armfield’s interest in painting dogs was due in part to a growing love for domestic animals in 19th century England with many artists receiving commissions to portray them. Though there were hundreds of artists who painted pictures of animals during this period, only a handful dedicated their lives to this pursuit and Edward Armfield was one of them. Whether it was a group of gun dogs at rest after the hunt, or terriers on the hunt, his animals are portrayed as regal and charming, characteristics that very few artists could emulate. His ability to render his subjects realistically and three dimensionally created a great demand for his work and he was, and still is, among England’s finest animal artists. Below is an oil on canvas signed in the lower left corner, E. Armfield, and titled, “Hunting for Mice.” Ca. 1860. 12’ x 16.”

Artist:  Edward Armfield

Date:  ca. 1860

Size:  12″ x 16″

Medium:  Oil on Canvas

Price:  $2,450