Peter Dupont

1870 – 1911

Open Air Market – Paris?

Pieter Dupont (1870-1911) was born in Hilversum, Holland and as a young adult worked as a railway worker. He began his art studies at the Ryles Normaalschool in Amsterdam before entering the academy of fine arts at the same institution. He took a trip to Paris in 1890 and later lived in France from 1900 to 1903 in Nogent-sur-Marne and the Auvers-sur-Oise which is near Paris. He later became a teacher at the academy in Amsterdam. In his career he engraved 10-florin bank notes and postage stamps. During his time in France he was a member of the Montmartre set and it was there that he engraved a portrait of his friend Steinlen in 1901. As an engraver and painter his subject matter included figures in street scenes, portraits, and landscapes. Below is an oil on canvas signed in the lower left corner in bold script, “P Dupont.” The scene is of people shopping at market stands in front of gothic like church in Paris. Ca 1901. 24” x 30”

Artist:  Peter Dupont

Date:  ca. 1901

Size:  24″ x 30″

Medium:  Oil on Canvas

Price:  $2,195