Bartolomeo Manfredi

1582 – 1622

Saint Jerome

Appraised as a painting in the style of Bartolomeo Manfredi (1582-1622). In the 17th century Manfredi was known throughout Italy and beyond as Caravaggio’s closest follower and his works were highly prized and widely collected. More than simply aping Caravaggio’s style, Manfredi reinterpreted his subjects and rendered new ones, drawing upon Caravaggio’s naturalism and dramatic use of chiaroscuro. No signature appears on the canvas, a finding that is consistent with style of artists of that time. Shown is an oil on canvas signed on the bottom of the frame, “Bartolomeo.” Ca. 17th century. 33.5” x 46”

Artist:  in the style of Bartolomeo Manfredi

Date:  ca. 17th Century

Size:  33.5″ x 46″

Medium:  Oil on Canvas

Price:  $29,500