Gertrude Henrietta Freyman

1901 – 1994

Seven Mushrooms

Gertrude Henrietta Freyman (1901-1994) was born in Chicago but lived the balance of her life in Kansas City. A graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute, she won the Tiffany Foundation Scholarship in the 1930’s and won the Macy’s living with Art Competition in 1960. During the 1930’s she taught at the Kansas City Art Institute and did illustrations for the Kansas City Star and worked as an interior designer until she retired in 1970. She exhibited her work throughout Kansas City and belonged to a local group of artists that included Rod Cofran, John Coleman, Patria George, Jack O’Hara, and Fred Jones. She traveled the country extensively to paint and made several visits to Martha’s Vineyard where she visited the attractive home of Frederick and Diane James. Below is a watercolor on paper signed in the lower left corner, “Gertrude Freyman.” The scene depicts an array of seven mushrooms. Ca 1950. 14” x 11”

Artist:  Gertrude Henrietta Freyman

Date:  ca. 1950

Size:  14″ x 11″

Medium:  Watercolor on Paper

Price:  $425