Elizabeth Layton

1909 – 1993

The Rainbow Trip

Elizabeth Layton (1909-1993) was born in Wellsville, Kansas where her father was the editor of the “Wellsville Globe” newspaper and her mother was a poetess. Her parents met about 1900 when both were students at Ottawa University, Ottawa, KS, the same institution where Elizabeth took the one art course of her life nearly 80 years later. Consistent with the creativity in the family, her aunt was a pioneering woman photographer who used Elizabeth as a model for her work. After losing a daughter, Elizabeth suffered with chronic depression until becoming a patient at the Menninger Foundation. It was there that she received art therapy, which involved the drawing of mirror images of impressions and feelings using the right side of the brain. The treatment not only cured her depression, but, at the age of 77, launched her on an art career that brought her national attention and recognition. Below is an original colored drawing signed, titled and dated in the lower left corner, “Grandma Layton, The Rainbow Trip, December 13, 1989.” 22” x   32”           

Artist:  Elizabeth Layton

Date:  1989

Size:  22″ x 32″

Medium:  Colored Drawing

Price:  $1,950