Jack O'Hara

1921 – 2012

Three Figures Fishing

Jack O’Hara (1921-2012). Born in Kansas City, Missouri, he attended the University of Kansas, Kansas City Art Institute and the American Academy of Art in Chicago. Winning awards in several shows, including a one-man show of Irish paintings at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City in 1978, his work was presented in a Print show at the Nelson in 1982 and again in an invitational show of K C Art Institute Alumni in 1985 at the Nelson. Most of Jack’s paintings are executed in a representational style.  Although subject matter obviously plays a major role, he nevertheless looks for strong abstract designs in nature and seeks to express the essence of the scene rather than to depict every detail within it. Jack believed if he painted with a degree of technical skill, was spontaneous and not belabored in conveying a mood, he had accomplished what he set out to do. Shown is a watercolor on paper signed in the lower right corner, “Jack O’Hara.” The scene depicts three figures fishing off a rocky ocean jetty adjacent to a life guard look-out. Ca., 1970. 18” x 26”

Artist:  Jack O’Hara

Date:  ca. 1970

Size:  18″ x 26″

Medium:  Watercolor

Price:  $1,250