Maurice R. Bebb

1891 – 1986

Tree and Rocks

Birger Sandzen (1871 – 1954). Born in Sweden, he emigrated to the United States at a very young age, settling in Lindsborg, Kansas. He remained there for the rest of his life, teaching at Bethany College. In the early years, he studied art in Paris and in the early teens was invited to be a Taos Founder. Though honored by this gesture, he chose to remain in Lindsborg, Kansas. Sandzen’s style of painting uses thick and heavy application of impasto in bold and bright color combinations, interpreting the landscape of the western United States. He is known for very colorful renderings of mountain lakes with boulders, cypress and aspen trees and moonrises along waterways. After he retired as Professor Emeritus at Bethany, he continued to be a prolific painter and printmaker completing in excess of 2600 oil paintings and 500 watercolors, 207 lithographs, 94 block prints and 27 dry points. In addition, he was a consummate draftsman, filling over 80 sketchbooks. Below is a linoleum block print signed in the lower left margin, “Birger Sandzen.” In the lower right margin it is titled, “Tree and Rocks.” Date: 1928. 9” x 12”

Artist:  Birger Sandzen

Date:  1928

Size:  9″ x 12″

Medium:  Linoleum Block Print

Price:  $1,695