George Earnest Colby

1859 – 1922

Trees by a Mountain Stream

George Earnest Colby (1859-1922) was born in Pleasant Grove, Minnesota. Well regarded as an artist in Chicago, he is described as an illustrator, cartoonist, and natural entertainer. Recognized as a talented turn of the century American artist, he is known for his detailed paintings of landscapes, mountains, rivers and lakes. Shortly before his death he donated a painting titled, “Phantom of the Desert” as a memorial to his friend John Vanderpoel. At the time he had six paintings for sale from $200 to $1,000 at the Carson, Pirie, Scott department store gallery. Both Vanderpoel and Colby were members of the old art league, which became the Municipal Art League of Chicago in 1901. A life member of the Chicago Art Institute, Colby exhibited at the National Academy in New York, the University of Kansas, and the Chicago Historical Society. During his three years of study and travel in Europe, he also exhibited at a number of Salons in Paris. Below is a watercolor on paper signed in the lower right corner, “G E Colby” and dated “1889.” The scene is of trees by a mountain stream in the foreground with mountains in the background. 14” x 10”

Artist:  George Earnest Colby

Date:  1889

Size:  14″ x 10″

Medium:  Watercolor on paper

Price:  $1,995